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Wadell Engineering Corporation was created and formed to engage exclusively in airport planning, engineering, and management consulting and to provide advisory services to airport sponsors, air carriers and other aviation-oriented organizations.  

After working for large engineering firms for a number of years, Robert P. Wadell formed a sole proprietorship firm in 1973 and began an airport/aviation consulting practice in California. The firm quickly found additional consulting opportunities across the United States and overseas, resulting in expansion of the practice and formation of Wadell Engineering Corporation (WEC).

As a growth oriented specialty consulting firm and a closely held corporation, the goals and objec­tives of WEC are relatively simple and direct: to provide comprehensive aviation consulting serv­ices over a broad geographic area, to achieve the utmost quality and efficiency of operation, and to recognize that each project requires close individual attention. Because of the vital importance of utilizing experienced professionals in the critical development stage of airport projects, WEC maintains a multi-disciplined consulting team with expertise in airport planning, airport engineering, civil and electrical engineering, urban planning, environmental impact analysis, airline operations, and airport economics and finance.

                                                                EXPERIENCE AND UNIQUE CAPABILITIES

Having completed over 450 airport projects, almost all as Prime Consultant, Wadell Engineering Corporation has extensive airport consultng experience covering a wide range of public and private, civil and military, domestic and foreign airports. Being a closely held corporation, we offer a focused and nimble approach to undertaking airport studies and designs and completing projects through construction. We offer complete and comprehensive services commencing with grant formulation and continuing through deisgn and construction phases. WEC is part can lead the projects from conception through implementation.  

Please review our professional services provided, our project locations, unique design capabilities using our proprietary Wadell Engineering Corporation Pavement Analysis Value Engineering (WECPAVE) modeling, and then contact us to discuss how we can work together to accomplish your aviation goals and objectives!