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Traditionally, pavement reconstruction or overlay design is undertaken by calculating a structural section and an overlay thickness to serve a 20-year traffic demand. Often the finished surface is placed at a uniform thickness above the existing surface.

These traditional design techniques do not
(1) identify deficiencies in a comprehensive manner,
(2) correct the deficiencies, or
(3) allow for redesign until the optimum design is achieved.

Therefore, many overlay projects merely duplicate the existing transverse and longitudinal surface
irregularities and "birdbaths" that exist prior to the new design.

Using WECPAVE, our airport engineers are able to provide optimum, accurate, cost effective, and timely designs for airport pavements.
No other program or technique is specifically designed to yield optimum results for airfield pavement reconstruction projects. After all, WECPAVE was created just to do this job!

WECPAVE is the most cost effective pavement overlay design and construction methodology available. When time or money is important, rely on Wadell Engineering Corporation and WECPAVE! When both are important, WECPAVE is the only solution!

For a consultation as to how WECPAVE can enhance your pavement projects, please download our brochure.